Annual Teen Book Awards:

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Jet Punk
How Stuff Works?
Purdue online writing lab (OWL)
Cool Math
Fun Math Lessons
Web Math
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
PBS News Hour for students
America's Story from America's Library
Science News for Students
Engineer Girl
Engineering Toolbox
The Art Project
Kennedy Center Arts Edge


Getting your driver's license?? 
Check this out:  driving test info

and, be safe, watch this youtube about texting and driving:

Jobs for Teens

Check out this cool site for all things related to jobs for teens....permits, resume prep, all kinds of stuff for teens of all ages: 

Jobs for Teens

Kingswood Regional scholarship information:  a good resource for all students regardless of the school you are attending.

Scholarships for Kingswood Students:  You must access your Naviance account to find out what scholarships are available

Spaulding High School:  great resource for any student

Alden Young Scholarship:  currently not available

Flora Belle Weber Scholarship:  for full time freshmen who once attended Paul School

    Hold onto your hats!!!  The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is working on this page...won't you join them?  They meet the first and third Tuesdays of the month at the library from 5:30-6:30pm.